The Aero Shaft

Retro-Fit for Inverted-V Bin Aeration

The Aero Shaft is a brand new innovation in grain drying and bin aeration. It fits on to existing inverted-v style aeration systems with a transitional piece and is fitted with 8 feet of perforated steel screen. This allows for vertical air flow in the bin.

This reduces the amount of space between air flow and the product in need of drying. Normally, inverted-v style aeration limits a bin to 1/3rd capacity for effective drying. In these scenarios a full bin is too dense for the downward airflow to push through the vast amount of grain on top of it. Adding the “Aero Shaft” system will allow for full loads to be dried evenly, expediently, and effectively, since air flow remains evenly spread throughout the bin.



  • 18″ Dia. x 8′ Length
  • Fits Inverted-V Slopes Ranging from 40 to 50 Degrees
  • 85 lbs. Shipping Weight


  • Improved Vertical Air Flow
  • Even Drying
  • Usable For Drying a Wide Variety of Grains
  • Reinforced Steel Retaining Rings
  • Steel Cable Support System
  • Load Bearing Polyethylene Construction
  • Additional 4′ Sections of Perforated Steel Screen Tubing Available