Grain Storage Solutions

Our Mission

To manufacture and supply a superior product for our customers. We are a Canadian business supplying the world with poly grain bins and totes for the agricultural industry.

a red tractor emptying a 52 bushel pallet grain bin into a creep feeder
Transport Livestock Feed
a airseeder emptying treated seed into a pallet grain bin
Store Treated Seed

Our Products

5 grain bins in a line

Efficient & Versatile

Our small business focuses on building agricultural products that are useful for any type of farm:

  • Small Scale Hobby Farms – Setup hopper bottom grains bins for feed storage.
  • Livestock Operation – Use pallet bins to transfer feed for horses, hogs, cattle, poultry, sheep, & goats.
  • Seed Grower – Separate various varieties of seed and replace fabric bulk bags.
  • Family Grain Farm – Dedicated grain bin to store leftover treated seed and inputs for upcoming years.
  • Ag Research Centers – Efficient and secure storage of grain samples. Easy shipping to other locations
  • Breweries – Store hops, wheat, and barley. Use as a discharge bin for used grain product.

Regardless of where you are in the agricultural industry, we can guarantee that our poly grain bins will be the perfect match for your farming operation.

three 100 bushel hopper bottom grain bins being filled with a grain auger at a feed mill
A Feed Mill Using The 100 Bushel Feed Bin

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The advantages of our unique line of Hopper Bottom Grain Bins and Pallet Bins are many.

  • Lightweight & Durable – First of all, we designed our bins with a high-impact grade polyethylene. Secondly, we construct rigid steel stands that makes them capable of handling the roughest of conditions on the farm.
  • Stackable – Store and transport your commodities efficiently with our modular Pallet Bin 4840 that has the ability to stack.
two pallet grain bins stacked for storage
Stacked for Optimal Grain Storage
  • Protects Grain & Inputs – Furthermore, our bins keep out rain, rodents and any moisture that could creep in. Fabric bulk bags tend to be prone to grain rot and pests which have left many farmers frustrated.
  • Rust & Corrosion Resistant – You can rest easy knowing that our plastic bins will prevent any rusting, especially when used in barn operations for poultry and hogs. Likewise, it negates corrosion when storing fertilizer.
  • Portable Storage – Our Pallet Grain Bins have the benefit of being full portable. This will make farm chores a breeze when feeding livestock.
two pallet grain bins side by side with a skid-steer
Multiple Styles & Sizes
  • Easy to Clean – The smooth-walled design of the bins allows for easy cleaning and washing. This is particularly useful for applications with treated seed, or for use in seed growing operations, and research facilities.

We create all our products in-house. From fabricating our steel parts to molding our plastics. This allows us to keep a watchful eye on all of our processes. We ensure that our products are made up to our high standards. We have been in business for 28 years and can confidently say that our products last the test of time.


four people standing behind a 40 bushel pallet grain bin filled with grain
Satisfied Customers of the Pallet Bin 4840

“Your Bins Sure Work Great For Our EZ Pelletz Straw Pellets! Thank You For Being So Wonderful To Ship & Talk To!”

Corrie – EZ Pelletz

Our Operation

Buffer Valley Industries is located 35 minutes North-East of Saskatoon. We are at the end of Buffer Valley Road, just outside of Vonda, SK. We have created long lasting plastic products for 28 years and continue to provide products and services to a wide range of customers.

Drafting & Designing

In addition to manufacturing our own quality products, we also provides experienced custom rotational molding and mold building. We work directly with our clients in order to design, draft, and create the mold you need.

Recycling Service

Furthermore, with the purchase of plastic pulverizing , shredding, and granulating units, we offer a complete plastic recycling service. This will take your scrap plastic and process it back into a resin form to be reused in new plastic products.

Our History

Buffer Valley Industries, created in 1995 by the father-son partnership of Louis and Brian Florizone, has become an industry leading manufacturer of rotational molded polyethylene products.

a farm yard with a old barn, house, and shop
The Florizone Farm in the 1940s

Established 1995

Buffer Valley Industries began in 1995. It started creating feed carts, hog boards, feeding troughs, and other equipment. This was used to help expand the Florizone hog operation.

As they developed their business, the 100 and 150 bushel hopper bottom grain bin. This product was created as a solution for storing seed, feed, and fertilizer. This feed bin has been sold across Western Canada and it still continues to be one of Buffer Valley’s defining items.


Unfortunately, in 2007, due to market conditions, Brian Florizone decided to shut the hog operation down. He proceeded to focus primarily on the business. In 2020, his son, Jordan Florizone, bought into the farm-business and has been working to help improve the company even more.

Since then, our product line expanded to include the versatile and portable Pallet Grain Bins, consisting of four different models: the 4840, 5040, 6552, and 120100, as well as Tote Containers to solve the various storage needs on your farm and in your business.

Moving Forward

Buffer Valley Industries has served countless organizations including: The Air Seeder Hopper, Rogers Sprayers, Redekop Manufacturing Company, ScherGain, Kramble Industries, Flaman Sales, the University of Saskatchewan, and the Cites of Saskatoon and Edmonton just to name a few! We looks forward to providing you with professional service.