Pallet Bin

40 Bushel
Poly Grain Bin

The Pallet Bin 5040-HB is based off the style of the regular Pallet Bin 5040. The taller height allows for greater versatility and maneuverability when it comes to feeding livestock or emptying while set down on the ground.

Enhanced Ergonomic Design – Same Rigid Construction.

40 bushel white grain bin on grassy field

MFR Part #: PB5040-HB


High Clearance Steel Stand

This portable bulk feed storage bin is fastened to a rigid steel stand built with 3/16″ thick angle irons. It is sure to last all the abuse it will get moving grain around the farm. It has 20″ of clearance under the slider so you can easily fill pails of feed from underneath, without needing to lift the bin.

40 bushel white grain bin on grassy field

Portable Grain Storage

under side of a 40 bushel pallet grain bin being lifted by a skid steer
Efficient and Easy to Move

We designed this pallet grain bin with dedicated fork pockets for ease of moving and a side access pull rod that pinches off the flow of grain effortlessly. You can set it up as a stationary feed bin and move it back to the yard to fill when needed.

Weather & Rodent Proof

lid assembly of a 40 bushel pallet grain bin
Secure Design

The Pallet Bin 5040-HB was designed to replace the need for difficult fabric bulk feed bags. Our grain bins address the issues with those products. Our pallet grain bin prevents any pests from getting into your grain and make a mess. They also prevent moisture from creeping in and can be left out in the rain with no issues. This means no more unwelcome surprises come seeding time or bridging in feed.

Secure Shipping

Pointed Tapers for Strapping Down

The Pallet Bin 5040-HB is designed with anchor points molded into the bin. These pallet grain bins will be securely held in place when transporting on the flat bed of trucks or on flat deck trailers.

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  • 40 Bushels/50 Cubic Feet
  • 1 Metric Ton Weight Rating


  • 46″ W x 46″ L x 86″ H
  • 20″ Clearance Under Slider
  • 24″ Lid
  • 9″ Slider Opening
  • 40 Degree Hopper Bottom Slope
  • 235 lbs. Empty


  • Lid Secured Closed by Pin and Latch
  • Tapers For Ease of Attaching Ratchet Straps
  • Fastened to a Rigid Steel Stand
  • Move with Skid-steer, Forklift, Pallet Jacks
  • UV Resistant High Impact Polyethylene Plastic Material
  • Weather and Rodent Resistant
  • Plastic Construction Allows for Easy Cleaning
  • Minimal Rust and Corrosion

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