Pallet Grain Bin

– Overview –

a grain cart unloading treated seed into a pallet grain bin

The Pallet Bin 4840 is a 40 bushel seed storage unit. This portable grain bin is used in a variety of ways: to store screenings from seed cleaning, small quantities of pedigree and foundation seed for seed growers, leftover treated seed, feed for livestock, and fertilizer for the everyday farmer. Think of it as a rigid, long lasting bulk bag, but instead of being cumbersome it is accessible, secure, and versatile.

four people behind a pallet grain bin filled with seed
Using The Pallet Bin 4840 for Pellets

The Pallet Bin 4840 has many benefits compared to its fabric bulk-bag competitor. Our poly bin keeps out both moisture and rodents. No more chewed up and spilled grain or damp seed. You work hard for your commodities, it is time to secure them safely in one of our bulk feed storage bins. The Pallet Bin 4840 will ensure that your grain is stored safely.


Efficient Shipping

40 bushel pallet grain bin stacked together for shipping
Grain Bins Stack Together

The Pallet Bin 4840 nestles together with ease for shipping, allowing for cost-effective shipping.


two 40 bushel pallet grain bins stacked for storage
Increased Grain Storage Potential

The Pallet Bin 4840 can be stacked two high. Effectively, your grain storage space will be maximized!

Weather and Rodent Proof

snap on lid for a 40 bushel pallet grain bin
Friction Fit Lid and Poly Constrution

This pallet grain bin comes with a friction fit lid which secures your grain and other commodities from rodents and weather. The poly construction of this grain bin prevent moisture from creeping in and protects your grain, fertilizer, or feed from getting wet in the rain.

Portable Grain Storage

40 bushel pallet grain bin being lifted by a skid-steer
Designed for Transporting Commodities

By far the most useful aspect of this bulk feed bin is that it can be moved around with ease. The perfect solution for seed growers, research labs, or the everyday farmer.

Ergonomic Design

slider assembly of a 40 bushel pallet grain bin
Hopper Bottom Slope with Center Discharge

Unlike fabric bulk feed bags, this pallet grain bin can pinch off the flow of grain effortlessly. Grain and other commodities flows on a 15 degree which empty out of a 8″ x 8″ center discharge

Product Showcase



  • 48 Bushels/40 Cubic Feet
  • 1 Metric Ton Weight Rating


  • 49″ W x 49″ L x 51″ H
  • 8″ x 8″ Slide Gate Opening
  • 150 lbs. Empty
  • 15 Degree Hopper Bottom Slope


  • Snap-on Friction Fit Lid
  • Stack-able
  • Eyelets on Each Corner for Overhead Lifting
  • 1″ Metal Bar and Tube Ring for Increased Structural Stability
  • UV Resistant High Impact Polyethylene Plastic Material
  • Weather and Rodent Resistant
  • Plastic Construction Allows for Easy Cleaning
  • Minimal Rusting and Corrosion
  • Slip Together for Efficient Shipping