Horizontal Leg Tank

225 USG
Leg Tank

225 US gallon liquid handling tank with grass and sky background
The LT225 is a 225 USG/850 Litre Liquid Handling Tank

Mfr. Part # – LT225

Our 225 USG Horizontal Leg Tank is built for heavy use. Made with a high impact strength polyethylene it can take the on any farm work.

Fitted with a 2″ Bulk-Head and 2″ Street Elbow you are getting the most use out of this tank.

This liquid handling tank can be used in a variety of ways.

  • Use as a part on your chemical spray trailer setup.
  • Transport potable water and other approved liquids.
  • Create fire suppression skids for your farm equipment.
  • Store DEF efficiently


Efficient Shipping

Four Leg Tanks Fit on a 76″ x 49″ x 85″ Pallet

These liquid handling tanks ship efficiently, bringing the cost of freight down and saving you money. Eight LT225 Leg Tanks can fit on 6′ 4″ of deck space.

USG & Litre Level Marks

USG Level Marks on Bulk-Head Side
Litre Level Marks On Opposite End

The LT225 Leg Tank comes with tank level marks in two different metrics. USG on one side, Litres on the other! Making it even easier to use no matter your calculations.

Internal Fittings

The inside of the LT225 Leg Tank has a 2″ Street Elbow that aids in emptying the tank more efficiently. You will be left with very little liquid in the bottom of your tanks.

Tank Lid

8 inch opening of a 225 US Gallon Leg Tank
Access to the Liquid Handling Tank

All fittings come standard with the LT225 Leg Tank. Contact your us if you require specialized setups.

Slots for Tank Loops

Our tanks are manufactured with 1.5″ slots to strap with ratchet straps or tank hoops.



  • 225 USG / 850 Litres


  • 49″ x 38″ x 40″
  • 2″ Bulk-Head & 2″ Internal Street Elbow
  • 72 lbs. Empty
  • 8″ Unvented Tank Lid
  • 1.5″ Grooves for Tank Hoops


  • Heavy Wall Thickness
  • UV Resistant High Impact Polyethylene Plastic Material
  • Weather and Rodent Resistant
  • Plastic Construction Allows for Easy Cleaning
  • No Rusting or Corrosion
  • Stack for Efficient Shipping

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