The Pallet Bin 5040 is based off the style of the Pallet Bin 6552. The shorter height allows for greater versatility and maneuverability when it comes storing in pallet racking or using with grain bagger or cleaning systems. Ergonomic Design – Same Rigid Construction



  • 40 Bushels/48 Cubic Feet


  • 46″ W x 46″ L x 70″ H
  • 24″ Lid
  • 9″ Slider Opening
  • 40 Degree Hopper Bottom Slope
  • 195 lbs. Empty


  • Lid Secured Closed by Pin and Latch
  • Tapers For Ease of Attaching Ratchet Straps
  • Fastened to a Rigid Steel Stand
  • Move with Skid-steer, Forklift, Pallet Jacks
  • UV Resistant High Impact Polyethylene Plastic Material
  • Weather and Rodent Resistant
  • Plastic Construction Allows for Easy Cleaning
  • Minimal Rust and Corrosion