four people behind a pallet grain bin filled with seed

A Pallet Bin for Your Pelletz

Alberta Based Agribusiness Uses Poly Grain Bins For Manufacturing Operations

EZ Pelletz is a manufacturer of Straw Pelletz in Southern Alberta started up in October 2018.  Straw Pelletz are used as Small Animal Litter, Large Animal Bedding, for Horticulture (Gardening), and as you will read several other uses as well. They have two retailers (High River and Crossfield) who sell bagged product and they sell it off their farm.

Corrie and Dave have utilized Buffer Valley Industries’ small poly grain bins for their manufacturing operation and storage. They sing high praises of the Pallet Bin 4840. When asked about the benefits of using our poly grain bins, Corrie said:

“We love using your Pallet Bin 4840 to store our Straw Pelletz. They are EZ to handle, EZ to fill, EZ to cover, EZ to store, EZ to empty when we put our products into our bags – you can see we really like things that are EZ!  The fit in and finish of your totes is terrific, they are lightweight & EZ to move around and hold almost 1 ton of our Straw Pelletz which is EZ to keep inventory of.  Connecting with you to order our totes has always been wonderful, picking them up it was efficient and simple, and you are very enjoyable to visit with.  Your customer service is exemplary!”

Corrie – EZ Pelletz

We are always amazed at the innovation that Canadian Farmers have when it comes to developing unique products for the agricultural industry. Did you know that agribusiness accounted for the following in 2021:

  • employed 2.1 million people¹
  • provided 1 in 9 jobs in Canada¹
  • generated $134.9 billion (around 6.8%) of Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP)¹

EZ Pelletz is just one small microcosm of that big picture which is Canadian Agriculture and Agribusiness! When asked about what their goals for their family run agribusiness are and what makes them unique, Corrie explained:

“We treasure each interaction and love getting to know our clients. In turn we are trying to support Local Small Businesses ourselves – you may not be local – but you are a terrific small business to support. We appreciate your products and our interactions on social media. Our goals are to keep supplying our Straw Pelletz to those who need them and in turn support other small businesses in our business and daily lives.”

The shear amount of uses of their product left me in wonder. It was great to see what started as an agricultural product, turned in a multi-faceted tool for other industries.

“We have been surprised by the animals that have used our Straw Pelletz as Litter/Bedding: cats, puppies, bunnies, horses, cattle, pigs (which are very litter trainable apparently), goats, sheep, ducks (especially around their waterer as they dribble a lot while drinking), chicken (no more awful chicken coop stench), caged bird and even tortoises. They have all used our Straw Pelletz in their stalls, shelters, trailers, runs, hutches, coops, cages and buildings (yes the tortoises have a building).”

We are getting to have a growing number of Mycelium (mushroom) Producers using our Straw Pelletz, as it replaces 4 of their products and reduces the work that mushrooms take to grow (highly scientific process & very cool to learn about).”

“Straw Pelletz have been used to soak up water from a horse waterer that overflowed in the winter…the owner was concern the horses could slip on the ice that formed.  So when the ice melted in a chinook she poured some Straw Pelletz into the water on the ground, they absorbed the water and froze, creating a grip for the horse feet and removed the slipping hazard.”

In similar fashion some folks have used it on their sidewalks to soak up the puddles and add grip through the chinooks we get in the winter when things freeze and thaw so quickly here.  They were happy that it was so environmentally friendly unlike Ice Melt.

A few land reclamation companies have purchased our Straw Pelletz to use when establishing new growth of grass on reclaimed lands. The Straw Pelletz act as a hydration source and tack the grass seeds and fertilizer down – so the nasty Alberta winds do not blow it away.  Grass happily grows through a thin layer of Straw Pelletz in only a few days and the straw doesn’t hurt a thing.

“Last winter a mechanics shop had a tanker truck spilled some of it’s contents on the ground (non-hazardous and only a small amount), his wife had just picked up some of our Straw Pelletz, so he went and dumped a few bags on the spill to soak it up.  They swelled 3 to 4 times their size and absorbed the liquid – as they always do – and removed the slipping hazard from the mechanics yard.  Straw Pelletz absorb water based products better than oil based. We too have used it in our shop to absorb antifreeze & fuel spills.”

We have greatly enjoyed our ongoing relationship with EZ Pelletz. We do our best to learn more about our customers journey and the challenges they face. We are proud that our poly grain bins support so many people in their own agribusiness and farms. Corrie said it best when she said:

“Your products store our Straw Pelletz in a neat and tidy fashion.  They are made from durable materials which allow them to be moved safely to our outside (non heated) storage in the winter without breaking.  The lids make them weather proof and keep rodents out.  The slide in the bottom of these totes is well made and works perfectly when we need to pour out our Straw Pelletz to bag them.”

Corrie – EZ Pelletz

If you get the chance make sure you head over to and check out their products.